About Us

Our Story…

Our Mission

To be the go-to Recruitment Partner that provide support to both client and Candidate, to ensure that all involved feel respected, whilst giving a professional emphasis on the need for excellence without losing the personal connection.

Our Vision

To continue to grow our business network whilst changing the perceptions of recruitment, adapting with times and embracing technology, whilst providing a workplace that follows it’s values without deviating from our end goal.

How We Work

RJH Personnel was founded by Rob Hackles, throughout his career in recruitment he has had the drive and passion to grow and develop, along the way Rob has worked with some amazing colleagues that really embraced the culture within the office and were always like a family, to this day still keeping in contact with some of the key role models within his journey. To this note he extends his thanks to the help he received and continues to receive to this day.

With this said, the RJH Personnel operation will be one that continues to follow the core values, maintain the high standards of excellence and be the Recruitment Partner that is well respected throughout the industry.

The way that RJH work will be focussed around INTEGRITY | PASSION | COMMITMENT and further values that really sit at the heart of the business foundations. Providing honest services whilst creating relationships and continuing to support Businesses, Candidates and Colleagues that are part of the RJH Journey.

RJH How We Work

At RJH Personnel you will not only receive a service that is reliable, but also a dedicated approach to ensuring that you are in the hands of a recruiter that cares.

“I founded RJH Personnel in order to create a business that is based on the sheer determination that I have held for years and still do. My personal vision is to create a company that people want to work for and feel valued day after day, For Business’s to feel that they are in the right hands, and for candidates to walk away confident that they have made the right choice in interacting with us.”

Rob Hackles, Director, RJH Personnel Ltd


Perfect Partner For

Your Business

A perfect partner for your business is a company that is approachable, adaptable and can always ensure that their success is based upon yours, within the world of business that provides obstacles along the way, you require a service from someone who is willing to understand your frustrations and worries. That can sit and discuss these with you openly and honestly, and strategically plan how to overcome them as a team.

RJH Personnel will work with your business, listen to your needs and communicate an effective plan of action to assist in the increase of business productivity. Following the requirements set throughout initial meetings, we will continue to provide innovation towards the growth of not only your operation but ours too.

Our culture is there to continue to provide excellence whilst providing a dedicated personal approach. Technology is on the rise and this is something as a company we can embrace to help the recruitment partnership further develop. We are here to assist, support and will continue to do this with your business’s best interests at heart. RJH Personnel – Creating long lasting partnerships is our business.